Thursday, December 3, 2015

12 Days Day 3: Zen Your Holiday

Zen Your Holiday

Every year I find my clients are more and more stressed. It's either traveling, hosting relatives or even being overwhelmed with social gatherings and shopping.

So how can you break this cycle?

Yoga & Meditation

December is a great time to give yoga a try. Lots of studios offer free clases or special workshops. There are even Family yoga classes where the whole family can practice together.

Visit Yoga to find a studio in your area.

The image above is from the website Stop Breathe This is an amazing app that provides guided meditataions from five to twenty five minutes long.

There is also a great walking meditation on this app to keep you grounded during busy times.

Tea & Company

Schedule some time with a good friend and have a cup of tea, a drink or even a milkshake! But there is one rule, DON'T talk about anything negative. Agree to only talk about the good: A new movie you loved or a book, a happy memory from the past. Though venting to a friend can feel good at times, often it will reve up our stress level deconstructing things that bother us.

Remember What you Love & Do It!

Everyone has something they love about the holiday season. For me it's shopping for a new ornament or seeing a Holiday Play. Whatever it is you love make it a priority. 

Get A Massage Or Facial

Not only will massage or a Facial relax your muscles but it's also a blessed hour of relaxation just for you.

Hope this tips help you get more relaxation into your Holiday routine.

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