Friday, December 11, 2015

12 Days Gift Suggestion : The Christmas Thingy by Wison & Clark

Have a child that's a monster fan? This is a great book to enjoy the holiday season with. 

In this book we meet Jessica Atkins who has just moved to a house in England with her family. One night while talking to her nanny Jessica makes a wish for a monster. Nanny is horrified and tells Jessica to be careful because the Christmas Thingy will come and steal all her presents.

The next morning Jessica hears a rattling in her closet and opens it to find the Christmas Thingy. The thingy is not as fierce as Jessica first thought. The two become friends as Christmas draws closer and closer.

But Christmas Thingy's steal. It's what they do. How can thingy continue his mission now that Jessica is his best friend?

This was such a sweet little read. I loved the innocence of the Thingy and Jessica's personality. This book also has a sweet ending that evokes the magical nature of Christmas.

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