Thursday, December 10, 2015

12 Days Gift Suggestion: Interstellar Cinderella by Hunt & Underwood

I found this book in the New Releases aisle at my library and fell totally in love with it! Not only does this story have an intersellar aspect to it but It also stars a heroine is a capable mechanic and a rescuer of the Prince !

Cinderella is a very capable mechanic who dreams of working on spaceships. When an invite comes to her family for he Prince's Royal Space Parade, Cinderalla's stepmother tells her there is no room in their ship for her, but if she can fix a damaged ship from the backyard she is allowed to go.

Cinderella is definetly up for the challenge but her mean stepsisters steal her toolbox.

Cinderella's friend Murgatroyd the mouse sends a cosmic SOS signal and Cinderella's fairy godrobot comes to her with a tool box and a new spacesuit.

While at the parade Cinderella sees the Prince's ship is damaged and rushes to help. The two spend a wonderful evening before Cinderella must flee.

I really loved the art in this book and the fact that Cinderella is such a capable young girl. It was also wonderful to see that the Prince was racially diverse.

Such a great read with a nice ending. I'm such a fan of Meg Hunt's art.

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