Saturday, December 5, 2015

12 Days Gift Suggestion: Nutcracker Themed Reads

The Nutcracker is one of my favorite Holiday Traditions. Every year I find a new way to bring this classic story into my life. This three books are wonderful for Nutcracker fans of all ages.

I had no idea Whoopi Goldberg had written a series about young ballerinas of color! The characters in this book are so authentic and each girl has  fun character traits that make them real to the reader. A quick but satisfying read.

The illustrations in this book are so lovely! It definitely has the potential to be a yearly tradition. Tallulah is excited to get a role in her studio's Nutcracker. Her confidence however is shaken by the crowds and makes a minor error that leaves her despondent.

However the company rallies around Tallulah to make her feel better. 

 Zombelina's debut novel showed her journey towards reaching her dream of being a dancer. Now she is taking on the role of Clara in th Nutcracker. I relly love how the creators in this book show Clara's confidence and the support of her family.

Al of these books would make stellar gifts ! I hope you check them out.

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