Thursday, December 17, 2015

5 (Spoiler Free) Tips For Watching The Force Awakens

I saw The Force Awakens on Monday! It doesn't feel real. I've looked at my badge twice to reassure my self it actually happened:

I have epic flashes of the movie runnning through out my head and I also have these little figures to remind me of the event:

So here are my tips to help you enjoy your experience tomorrow

         Get There Early

I know what your thinking. Of course your going early! But with some theaters checking bags and sold out showings, you don't want to miss a minute of the show.


Seriously. A thirty plus year wait is finally over! You will be excited, surrounded by people and have a thousand thought's running through your head: Will there be a scroll? What will it stay? What is the very first image that will cross the screen? All will be answered so  Breathe and take it all in.

Maybe something was off in the theater, maybe its age ;), but I had a problem hearing some of the dialogue. Some pretty valuable info is given in lines that don't have dramatic music to prepare you for them. Yes there will be screaming, and cheering but try to focus through the noise as much as you can.

           Reign In Some Expectations 

Don't repeat mistakes of the past. NO Movie can live up to what we want to see. Many of us want specific questions answered  and some arent addressed  at all in the film.

    Be comfortable  with the "Welms"

You might be overwhelmed by FA or underwelmed. It will take a while to sort your feelings. Don't  let other people influence you opinions, but talk out your feelings.

    See it again !!!

    Wishing you all an amazing experience !
                May The Force Be With You!

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