Sunday, December 27, 2015

Crossover Sunday: Steeleart & Idenity Crisis

Crosssover Sunday is whet I encourage readers to try a complimentary or different genre based on another popular product.

Steelheart was my first Sanderson novel and it made me an instant fan of his. In the world of Steelheart Superheros called Epic's control most of the world. Unfortunately most of them are mad with power or oblivious to the normal humans around them. A group called The Reckoners work to take them down and they have recently met a young boy who may have the solution to the Epic problems. 

What I love about Steelheart is the superhero type action in a contemporary landscape.

If you love steelheart I highly suggest this graphic novel:

Don't be intimidated if you have never read DC comics before, this is a stand alone read with a lot of universally recognizable characters like Batman, Superman & The Flash. 

This story opens with a death,  The wife of a popular hero. The repercussions are felt across the board and soon more family members of superheroes are being attacked and killed.

This story has a very noir feel, and at it's crux is a murder mystery. A wonderful read. This is one of the books I will put in non-comic book readers to showcase the depth of emotion that comics can convey. Hope you give this book a try.

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