Monday, December 28, 2015

Marvel Mondays: Avengers Time Runs Out Vol 1 by Hickman & Various

Comic Book Reboots are common,  but Marvel has raised the bar in preparing fans for things that are  to come in a post Secret Wars world. I have recently dipped back into The marvel universe because of amazing books like Ms. Marvel, Spider Gwen, and many more that I have been reviewing the past few weeks.

This GN was my first foray into the Avengers for awhile. I was able to catch up pretty quickly with the disaster that the Marvel universe is facing :Time Runs Out

This is a masterful tale of epic proportions. As the heroes of the Marvel universe prepare for the destruction of their entire world. This is a great way for readers to discover what events lead to Secret Wars.

This is not the book for readers looking for lots of Battles. It is for fans that want a front row seat to the next big change in the marvel Universe. I'm hooked!

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