Monday, December 7, 2015

Star Wars Memories : Day 7 : Return Of The Jedi

Two memories stand out for me prior to seeing Return of The Jedi. The first is reading the comic book adaption of the movie and the second was the actually screening of the movie.

In life before the secrecy of The Force Awakens the novel, soundtrack and comic book adaption would be released weeks before the actual movie. So while laying in my bed one Saturday morning Weeks before the movie released  I learned the answer to the big three questions:

What happened to Han?
Who is the "Other" that can save the galaxy?
Is Darth Vader Luke's Father?

The answers to those questions blue my mind when I discovered them on the comic book page and even more so when I saw them on the big screen.

I also had quite and adventure seeing ROTJ for the first time as well. My Father was my movie buddie. Every Sunday he would pick me up and we would go to church and then to the movies. I had felt nervous all day All I could think of was the movie. When we got to the theater my fears were realized. The next show was sold out. I stood there frozen at the thought of not seeing the movie . 

Then the ticket seller told us the four pm showing still had seats left. When my Father saw the look of hope in my eyes he gave in and brought us tickets. Since our theater wasn't near our home or any other places to hang out we sat on a bench outside the theater for over two and a half hours. Then sat for an additional two plus hours in the theatre. 

It was worth the wait!! I've always loved hearing my Father tell the story about that day. He slept through the whole movie of course! But I was rivited towards the seat and wanted to see it again immediately.

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