Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Organized Geek Week 2: Keeping What Brings You Joy

Welcome to week 2 of The Organized Geek! hopefully in the time before the last post you have had time to sort and catalog your collection. Now comes the hard part. I was fortunate that I was in the mood to release items from my collection because of my experience with this book:

I have often thought that collectors have a certain gene that leads to a form of hoarding :) The main lesson I took from this book was that if something doesnt bring you joy then it should be released. Now this can be tricky with a fandom collection. 

I equate joy with use . Things that bring joy are often in my line of sight. Be it my Funko collection, books or other collectibles. 

The first things I let go were some San Diego Comic- Con exclusives. It's very easy to get caught up in the thrill of SDCC and end up buying collectibles that we wouldnt normally use.

once I took a look at my SDCC stash I realized there were some I would never part with and others that I could easily sell on ebay. 

For items I didn't sell I donated them and got receipts for them.

So now I was left with a very streamlined collection, some extra money in my pocket and more space.

The next part of the journey is storage and use of your remaining collection.

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