Friday, January 8, 2016

5 Fandom Friday : Five Ways I Changed In 2015

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I've been remiss in posting in this wonderful weekly memo but no more! This weeks topic is 5 Ways I Changed in 2015:

                                      I said NO more

We truly teach people how to treat us. I had noticed that I was feeling really burnt out in certain work situations and personal relationships. 

However in both instances I had created a habit of overextending myself so I pulled back. It didn't feel great and It changed the boundaries in a lot of my relationships but I feel so much better! I no longer feel resentful towards key people and situations in my life.

I Embraced the words Not Now when it came to spending.

It's really easy to outspend your budget as a fangirl today. With the new Star Wars film coming in December I knew I needed to take a hard look at what I wanted to collect, and where my dollars were going.

Buy saying not now when I first encountered that exclusive funko pop, her universe shirt or new book, I was able to limit my impulse spending and save for the items I truly wanted like my loungefly Bb-8 purse!

I also got in the habit of using the library more and reaching out to my review contacts and netgalley for the latest book releases which meant that I spent less on books this year than any other.

                          There is LESS of me to Love!

I exercised a lot more and started using a calorie counter app and I dropped several inches and twenty pounds!

                                 I watched Less TV

I read over 300 books last year. Lots of them were graphic novels and childrens books but a lot of them were several hundred pages long! I equate a lot of it to limiting the hours I watched TV during the week and instead scheduling binge watching sessions and giving up on shows that I didn't love right away.

                            I Started Meditating

The Stop Breathe & Think app has been a great help to me through some difficult times this year. I'm constantly amazed at how meditation helps me with anxiety and fear. It's also a great way to schedule "me" time.

Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to everyones posts.

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