Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tea Diaries: Teas To Help WIth Your Fitness Goals

January is almost over. How are your fitness goals going? Tea can be a helpful tool to help you with your goals. Honey has a lot of curative properties and sipping a little bit of hot sweetness can help curb your cravings. These two yogi teas will help with overall detoxification and digestive health:

I recently found these two tins of tea from the Republic of Tea. They are a little pricey at 12.99 a tin but I'm enjoying them. The Get Lean, Get Burning and Get Lost teas all have herbs that have been known to help with weight loss, energy and food cravings.

The Get Clean stack of teas all focus on gentle detoxification. One tin is for the am, one for the evening and the third for all day.

Both sets of these tins are very yummy tasting and warming. I add a little honey or zero calorie stevia for a little sweetness.

              Give these great teas a try !

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