Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Expanse: The Future Is Gritty & Diverse

Last summer while wandering the publishing booths at San Diego Comic-con, I came across a book signing for the  two authors who write under the name James S.A. Corey.  I had heard great things about the books and since the publisher had a sale going on I picked up the first two books in the series.

I congratulated the authors on the upcoming show and they asked me if I was attending the screening later that  day. They were worried no one was going to show up! I was so touched by them I told them I'd be there. I'm glad I did. The Expanse had the unfortunate luck to be immediately after the John Barrowman panel on a Saturday afternoon. 

About sixty percent of the Indigo Ballroom attendees cleared out! Those of us who stayed however got a preview of the first episode of The Epanse. 

I'll confess there is a lot to take in during the first epsisode of the show. There is a galactic interplay between Earth, Mars(which is being terraformed by generations of human immigrants who no longer feel an attachment to their native soil), and Belters, those that mine asteroids for water. 

Once you slide into the world the different factions are easy to follow and the stories are thrilling and mysterious. What has really stood out to me however has been the great diversity of the cast. There are several prominent female characters in the series along with racially diverse characters.:

I'm really loving this show. It gives a realistic look at life in space with all it's danger and gritiness. A wonderful  start to what has become one of my favorite shows. I hope you all check it out!

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