Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Lair by Emily Mckay

The second book in a series can be tricky for readers.  Falling in love with the first book can also mean that you think you know everything about the characters and situations, and you also have formed personal attachments to certain outcomes. This isn't always the case, and there is nothing like a "middle" novel to shake up the storylines and show you a new side to a beloved character!

I had a bit of that experience with The Lair. I adored Emily's book The Farm and was left desperately wanting more after  the twist filled ending. In the readers leave the controlled environment of The Farm into the wider world.  Once again Lily is our guide into the world as she, Mckenna and her potential love interest Carter head for the bunker that Carter swears will be safe for them. 

Nothing is guaranteed in this world however and the trio find the Bunker extremly unprotected. With Mckenna very close to the end of her pregnancy the trio find themselves forced to stay put. The inner world of the characters is extremmely effected by the rising number of attacks and the shrinking availability of food and other necessities.

The POV changes a lot in this book. The reader gets a chance to learn more about Carter's thoughts and motivations along with Mel's transformation from human to something beyond.

I struggled the most with Mel in this book. Emily beautifully described the interworkings of Mel's mind in The Farm, but now a different Mel is emerging and I found myself wanting to hold on to the old Mel. This was not due to any narrative lack on McKay's part but a testament to how deeply I connected to the characters in the first novel.

As the different POV chapters moved ever closer to the sisters reunion I found my self extremly excited to see how events developed.

A very good read but definetly a middle book in the series. I'm excited for the next book!

                       One More Thing
I was wonderfully suprised to find a portion of my review for The Farm was used as a blurb in the opening pages of the E-book. I'm so EXCITED and HONORED!!! My first one :)

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