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Awaken Your Bookshelves : 5 Force Awakens Books You Need Now

                   Awaken Your Bookshelves!

The Top 5 Force Awakens Books You Need Right Now

Have you seen it? The Force has Awakened! As I write this I have completed my fourth viewing of the film, one of them being  the World Premiere in Hollywood!  I’m still recovering from the combination of shock from seeing the film so early  and fangirl flailing over my experiences at the after party.

Yet despite this forceful Immersion in the film I have questions. Lots of questions. And these five books helped answer many of them. Slight spoilers are discussed from the film below so tread carefully if you haven’t seen the film. Now for the top five:

                    The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary 

Want to know the current political state of the galaxy? Wonder what planet’s The First Order blew up and why you should care ? This is the book for you!

Written by the keeper of canon Pablo Hidalgo this book has everything you missed while geeking out during the film. This book has gorgeous full color illustrations and information on the plot and locations in the film. I especially enjoyed learning all the names and attributes of the new alien creatures in the film. There are also really cool character bios of the main cast.

                       Star Wars: Before The Awakening

Greg Rucka returns to Star Wars novels with a trio of stories starring Finn, Rey and Poe. These stories give readers a glimpse into the characters lives right before the start of The Force Awakens. The book also has some gorgeous illustrations by artist Phil Noto. Rucka has a great grasp for this new galaxy and has captured the personaities of the trio perfectly.


                       Star Wars: Rey’s Survival Guide 

What I love most about this book is that it exists. Look on the shelves of any Toy’s R Us, Target or Walmart and you won’t see a Rey figure anywhere. If your lucky you may find a random Lego or a Funko Pop but other than that the shelves are bare. So the fact that there is a book spotlighting Rey and only Rey makes me very happy. After all she is the frikking main character of the film !

This book, written by James Fry is a glimpse into Rey’s life on Jakku. Fry really captures Rey’s personality in these pages while also giving the reader a lot o information on the inhabitants of Jakku and how one of the final battles against the Empire left wreckage that has been scavenged upon for years. 

There are also little tidbits of information for the observant viewer of the Force Awakens, like the origin of that rebel soldier doll on Rey’s shelf. There are also some really wonderful fold out illustrations of various ships and machinery.

                The Force Awakens Novelization 
                        by Alan Dean Foster

The only reason I’ve put this book in fourth place is because it’s only available in e-book form until January! I get Disney wanting to avoid spoilers getting out into the world but I have a tradition of buying the novelizations in physical form so my choice is to wait or buy the same book twice. I’m waiting!

                      The Art of The Force Awakens

This book is a gorgeous collection of the art that inspired the film. The text is a diary of the movies production that details the creative journey of the film. 

Hope you try one or all of these great books. Happy Reading!

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