Sunday, February 21, 2016

Loveathon Mini-Challenges

I'm so behind on this challenge. It makes me sad :( But I'm going to try to catch up! Here are my Mini-Challenges:

                           Mix &  Match

New Instagram Accounts I Followed:






Leave Comments on some of Your Favorite Blogs:

I left a comment on Alexa Loves Books Bingo post

Commented on one of my favorite bloggers Tif Talks Books  post about Blogger Burnout

Commented and entered a giveaway on True Book Addict's

Commented on The Book Monsters post about Funko Pops

Also left comments on #loveathon blogs

                                  Author Tweets

Sent #authorlove tweets to :

Brandon Sanderson

Gwenda Bond
Claudia Gray

                                   And thats BINGO!

                                     Book Spine Poetry

Before The Awakening, A Warriors heart : Gunpowder, Blood And Chocolate

                      An Invitation to Tea

Love this challenge!! I would like to have some great lovers to Tea with me:

                                   Elizabeth & Darcy
I would use a lovely asian tea pot, have a selection of teas to suit what ever mood darcy might be in, a great sweetner and some yummy sandwiches.

I would talk to Darcy about books, Lizzie about love and of course take a hike :)


Heather said...

I love tea pots like that. I always want something fancy but end up just using my Keureg to make up some hot water.

Alexa S. said...

Ooh, you do yoga? I tried doing a yoga at home video and I think I still need more time to really get into the groove! I've never done anything like it in terms of exercise, so it's a little disconcerting to me!

Irena BookDustMagic said...

Your tea party sounds appealing. And your poet is nice! :)
Btw, I love how you do yoga! I do it too, but always the beginners yoga. I like to work out it weights the most so...

Alexa S. said...

Totally just going to say your book spine poem is great AND I'm totally crashing your tea party :D