Monday, February 1, 2016

Marvel Monday: A Force Volume 0 by Wilson, Bennett & Molina

This series reminded me how many wonderful female characters reside in the Marvel Universe. This series is a love letter to the women of marvels fantasticness and an oasis during the intensity of Marvel Secret Wars. 

A -force is set on the island of Arcadia. It is protected by the Shield wall that protects the Battleworld kingdoms and by the A-force team which includes She Hulk, Medusa, Dazzler, and Loki in her female incarnation.

Their paradise is interrupted by mysterious attacks and the arrival of a strange visitor who attaches herself to young A-Force member Nico. As the story unfolds the team learns that betrayal is closer to home then they knew and their way of life may be over forever.

I loved this series so much! Don't let the fact that it's a Secret Wars tie-in disuade you from giving the book a read. The story is new reader friendly and self- contained in this one volume. The art is also beautifully rendered. A great read. The book was so successfull that it is now an ongoing series.

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