Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shakespeare Journey Through The Sonnets

I've wanted to branch out in my reading habits this year so I joined this Shakespeare Challenge. This month I'm going to be focusing on the sonnets. I was happy to discover the site Shakespeare Online to help me understand them better.

It's fascinating that it's not clear who Shakespeare was writing about in these poems. It's almost like he is experimenting with telling tales of love in poetry format. I will be sharing my thoughts on the sonnets as I read them.

Sonnet 1
This was interesting. This sonnet contains a lovers plea for his beloved to have a child. It wasn't especially romantic too me that he is trying to lay a guilt trip on her while also calling her selfish!
 I did love the language Shakespeare uses to describe beauty though.

Sonnet's 2-10 

I have to confess my delusion of the sonnets being hyper romantic has been destroyed. Not that the language isn't beautifully written. Sonnet's 2-10 continue trying to persuade a gentleman to procreate. Shakespeare is a bit of a nag in this prose he acusses the intended recipient of this work as being selfish and lacking in his duty. it was a bit trying! I'm soldiering on though!! More updates to come!

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