Thursday, February 11, 2016

Words Of Love : A Natural History of Love by Diane Ackerman

Close your eyes and think back. What was your first vision of love? Was it a Disney movie? Watching your parents embarrassing you by being lovey dovey? A Book ? A cartoon?

For me it was the Disney film Sleeping Beauty, though I confess I was more enamored by the Dragon then the prince ! Exploring love in all it's forms and traditions is just one of the aspects of this spectacular novel. Ackerman takes us through the histories of man great figures that were idolized like Cleopatra, to the scientific reasons behind attraction, to the cultural advantages (and disadvantages) of monogamy. 

I've never read a non-fiction book that kept me as riveted as this one. 

I was especially captivated by the parts about the Middle Ages and the development of courtly love.

Diane also explores human features and how the  cultural version of beauty has changed through the centuries.

A wonderful read! I always enjoy learning about the reasons behind our cultural norms.

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