Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls : Bumblebee ! History & Product Review

I've had a bit of a rocky relationship with DC comics in the last few years. As Each Reboot seemed to strip away more and more of the diversity I had come to expect from them, my precious fandom dollars were used on other pursuits. When I heard about the DC Super Hero Girls products I was cautiously optimistic. As more and more press releases and product photos were released I was very excited by one figure :


However Bumblebee isn't very widely known to many so here are a few facts about her:

                           Photos from DC Comics

Bumblebee premiered in the 70's in the Teen Titan Comics, she was created by Bob Rozakis. Her  name is Karen Beecher later to be Karen Beecher-Duncan after her marriage. Karen is a scientist who created her own Scientific Powered battle suit and through a later series of adventures developed the ability to shrink. Karen's role has adjusted with the various changes of the DC universe and she even appeared in the second season of the hit animated show Young Justice where I first discovered her:

Bumblebee is prominent in all the Super Hero Girls Ads and on the DC Super Hero Girls app:

Like all the Super hero Girls Bumblebee is dressed stylishly and appropriately for a young Super Hero.

This figure really reflects the advertising photos. I purchased the 12 inch figure  of Bumblebee and it is beautifully sculpted. The first thing i noticed about the figure was it's slim, athletic appearance.  Though most dolls have unrealistic  hip to chest ration this figure is very well proportioned. He clothes fit nicely and her out fit and sneakers look to be very easily removable hinting at the possibility of outfit changes.

The face is beautiful and the makeup the doll is very subtle. I especially loved her hair which is sideswept with the left side having three sculpted braids . Bumblebee's animated hair has a lot more yellowish overtones then the figure. I also love the fact that she stands! Many action figures fail to achieve this so its a nice feature in the line. 

For the time being these figures are only available at Target  and of course they are selling out quickly! I've seen a few at target when I snagged this one but I would hit up Amazon pretty quickly if you don't have luck at your local target. 

Happy Toy Hunting! It's so great that these are selling so well. It's sending a great message to Mattel and DC comics.

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