Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Diversity Spotlight Jonesy by Humphries & Boyle

Jonesy is a four issue series from Boom comics

What drew me to Jonesy was the writer Sam Humphries and the fact that she is a racially diverse character. What hooked me was the art and story. We meet Jonesy on the Worst Day Ever.

Jonesy has a mad on for all the little things that are ruining her day and that is only compounded by the fact that it is  Valentine's Day. Jonesy's school has a tradition of gifting carnations instead of Valentines Day cards with all the proceeds going to charity.

This also means that students social status is determined by the type and number of carnations received with lowest value being white.

So of course Jonesy gets a white carnation from her best friend and is promptly ridiculed  by her perfect classmate Susan.

Jonesy's frustration leads her to activate her secret power: To make others fall in love with anyone except herself. Soon an army of classmates are in love with Susan in the most obsessive way.

What I love so much about Jonesy is her personality. She expresses her emotions strongly and is both fierce yet vulnerable. Jonesy also commits to a plan of action with little thought of consequences. I also loved that she isn't "nice" Jonesy is herself she has the capacity for empathy but at this stage of her life she is as self absorbed as you would expect. I'm excited to see where this book goes. This book is definitely new reader friendly and all ages appropriate, though it is being aimed toward the same demographic that reads books like Lumberjanes.

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