Saturday, May 14, 2016

Armchair BEA Day 4: Surviving Fictional Worlds

Happy Day 4 of ArmchairBEA ! I've had way to many events going on this week so all my posts have been late, sorry!

I love this topic because it ties in with one of my favorite genres: Horror. More specifically Zombies! Every since I saw the original Night of The Living Dead I have been drawn to the genre. What draws me to the genre however is the human characters versus the gore. Who would you become if zombies took over the planet? Would you help others? Destroy them? Would you gather a family around you? Or take out everyone you came across. 

You can never truly know unless you are faced with the situation. As a zombie fan you also become used to really disappointing movies and some times novels. But then you find something like The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead comic single handily made me a comic book reader again. I caught up to the series in a few weeks after getting the first trade paperback and now I read the book every month. I also love the TV show and based on how often I yell at the characters on screen for their choices, I'm pretty confident I could survive in the world. 

I recently finished the Zom-B series of novels and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have lasted in B's world more than a few months!

I also recently finished Camp Midnight and I would love to live in this world! All the classic monsters I love: werewolf's, witches, mummies and goals are all hanging at a summer camp in this novel. Sounds fun!

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