Saturday, May 7, 2016

Free Comic Book Day 2016: Best Of The Free

              FBCD 2016: The Best Of The Free!
It’s here! This Saturday is FCBD 2016, which always feels like a kickoff for summer to me. So after basking in the awesomeness of Civil War, I will be up early Saturday to visit some of my favorite comic shops.  Visit the Free Comic Book Day Website
Here are the books I’m looking forward  to getting Saturday:

           The Obligatory Event Kick Off Book
         Civil War II

         Yay Diversity!
From March, which profiles the Civil Rights Movement, to Legend of Korra and Superhero Girls these books showcase 
several POC

           Manga Hits
Attack On Titan is a hit in the manga and anime world and One Punch Man is steadily growing in popularity.

              Indie Comic Summer Event
Valiant has a hit with books like Faith and Dr. Mirage and now they are kicking off Valiant 4001 AD which will feature the female character War Mother.

         For The Kiddies
    Sponge Bob, Bob’s Burgers, Scooby Doo & more

         Hope you have a great Day!

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