Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: C-3PO The Phantom Limb by Robinson & Harris

I went from being super excited about this book to annoyed about the constant delays in it's relief. However once I started hearing Podcasters at Full Of Sith and Coffee With Kenobi say positive things about it I picked it up.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it! The main purpose of this story was to explain the presence of C-3PO's red arm in The Force Awakens but this story quickly takes on a life of it's own. 3PO and several droids crash land on a planet while returning to the Resistance base with a droid prisioner Omri.

The Resistance hopes that Omri can give them the location of Admiral Ackbar who has been captured by the resistance. Omri claims ignorance about Ackbar but does cooperate with the droids in the fight to survive on an increasing hostile planet. 

The group fights creepy Spice Spiders, Giant flying mosquito like creepies, some multi eyed shark looking nasties, and tentacles. Arm ripping off tentacles that leave poor 3PO in a fretful position. 

The art on this book is spectacular. Not only is Tony Harris able to give the droids a semblance of facial expressions he also creates some cringe worthy creatures that leap off the page.

James Robinson's script really delves into the mindset of droids. From the echoes of memories that haunt them from memory erasures, to their place in various wars in the galaxy.

I really enjoyed the story as a whole it ties nicely with events before the Force Awakens and has a nice cameo at the end.

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