Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review: Her Universe & Kohl's Workout Wear

I was so excited when I heard about the Her Universe workout wear! When I visited the Her Universe booth at Wondercon I got a $10.00 off coupon so I ran to Kohl's the following Monday and found this incredible display:

So the first thing you need to know about Kohl's is that although they have been making some wonderful fangirl merchandise they are making them mostly in Junior sizes. The good news is that because this line is in partnership with Her Universe there are plus size items, but you will need to go online:

This upset a lot of Her universe fans, and there were many talking about this on Facebook, but I feel this is Kohl's decision. All the great Star Wars leggings and shirts I got from Khols last December in conjunction with the Force Awakens were in the juniors section. Because I have recently lost weight I was able to get into them and I love them!!

One solution I heard on facebook was to have the items you order online be shipped to your local Kohl's that way you can try them on and then get an immediate refund if they don't fit.

So now lets talk about the clothes! My store had the Captain America and Black Widow items:

As someone who is usually several different sizes depending on where clothings are produced I took a stack of different sizes into the dressing room. Unfortunately none of the Widow items worked for me. I was really disappointed. It was more due to the cut of the clothes than the quality. 

Unfortunately most companies that make workout wear don't consider the Before aspects of their clients. They create clothes for those who have already reached their goals, not for those in a transitional phase toward their health goals. The widow shirts are awkward for those who are a bit busty. I recently dropped several inches in my bust but the cut of the shirts  were not flattering. The same with the Widow leggings.

I had much better luck with the Cap line. I brought the leggings pictured above and they are great! As someone who is larger I always avoided leggings until I tried the Her Universe ones. I love the Cap leggings and the words Be A Hero are very motivating to see while I'm working out. 

The Cap line (and I assume the Widow) are very easy to work out in and have great moisture wicking so you could easily go from the gym  to running errands without feeling sweaty. I'm so hapy these clothes exist! I went back a week later to find the display completely sold out so I will be getting more online.

I really suggest if you buy these clothes  tweet a picture to Kohl's also send them a friendly message letting them know you would like to see more Her Universe and fandom clothing in adult sizing.

I give this line an A+! Yes there are some pieces that wont work for everyone but its worth it to find an outfit that works for you.

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