Saturday, June 25, 2016

Boom Time: Jonesy 2 & 3 + Goldie Vance Issue 1

Boom Studios has been producing some great comics for some time. What I'm enjoying the most though is the wonderful diverse characters being represented.

Jonesy continues to be a joyful, important read. Jonesy has the power to make people fall in love with other people, food or other objects. Anything or Anyone except herself. In this isssue we learn about jonesy's celebrity crush and the crush of her new friend Susan. This book is so funny and the art is so gorgeous. 

In this issue Jonesy keeps trying to find away to make her celebrity crush notice her which leads to her accidently sending her father on a date! This change of dynamic causes Jonesy to contemplate how her life would change if her father had a serious relationship.  Lots of fun and enough donut refrences to send you to your local donut shop!

I picked up Goldie Vance because of the very prominent racially diverse cast and the female creators involved. Larson & Williams have created a gorgeous book showcasing a resort in Florida. The Crossed Palms Resort is nestled by the beach and attracts a wide variety of guests. Goldie Vances Father manages the Crossed Palms and expects Goldie  to spend her time working the Valet service. But Goldie has a taste for adventure so she often forces her way onto the cases brought to the Detective Services department. 

In this first issue Goldie is on the lookout for a very valuable necklace that has been stolen from a guest. I loved the atmosphere this client creates. It's all ages fun with a very engaging protagonist.

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