Sunday, June 12, 2016

Coyer Summer Vacation 2016: Week 5 Update

Week 5 Update

I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by! I've read 59 books so far and thanks to Coyer I've met my goodreads reading goal of 150 books.

Week 1 Update

I've been reading lots of Manga, Graphic Novels and Children books so my total read so far is:

23 Books!

I love the Coyer Events and the summer version is a really cool version. Along with focusing on clearing out your E-reader you can also read physical books, library books , pretty much every format. Here are the rules:

"post anytime between now and August 1st – on blog, goodreads, fb, google+, etc.Yes, that means you can sign up until August 1st! But don’t wait, you’ll miss most of the fun!You must link to the sign-up post below (don’t link to your blog, link to the sign-up post).You must review books somewhere  link the reviews to the review linky to be eligible for one of the grand prize giveaways.Have Fun!

Normally you’re only allowed to read eBooks that were less than $5 for COYER, but since this is Summer Vacation you can read whatever you want! To be clear, here are some questions you may be asking…

Can I read a book that cost $10? Yes!Are Tour books and Author Review books ok? Yes! Yes!Can I read a paperback? An audio book? An eBook? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Getting the idea? There really are very few rules here. We won’t even have a rafflecopter, to keep things as easy as possible. Instead we’ll be using with the sign-up and review linky (each entry on a linky will be worth 1 entry). So if you’ve added your link there, you’re in the giveaway."

Here are some of the books I hope to finish this summer:

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MsArdychan said...

I also have Children Of Icarus to read, but it is on a funky file (only readable through Adobe?), so I'm having trouble settling down to read it. I do not like to read off of my computer! Oh well, I will have to do it, I suppose. Good luck with your reading. The Game of Thrones books are super-sized!