Friday, June 3, 2016

Literary Funko: From Novel To Collectible

You probably noticed on my Twitter I tweet and talk a lot about Funko Pop Vinyl's. I adore them!!! No other collectible company has been able to create products that encompass all of my passions. Today I wanted to share with you some Pops that relate to literary characters.

Cthulhu was my first literary pop. I like a creepy story and Lovecraft tells some of the creepiest!


 Where The Wild Things are is a beloved childhood book. These pops are a little harder to find but worth the effort!

 Sherlock! Though these pops are based more on the BBC Television show they work equally well for fans of the stories. 

Harry Potter anyone? There are at least two series of books based on the novels.

 The VERY BEST for LAST: Pride & Prejudice!! Though these are based on the novel Pride & Prejudice and Zombies, they still portray the characters we know and love.

Happy Pop Hunting!!

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