Monday, June 20, 2016

Manga Summer 2016

Manga and summer are a great combination. manga can be read quickly, has a variety of genres and is very portable. I'm going to spend my summer catching up on some of my favorite series and starting some new ones.


This is a wonderful action manga filled with ghosts, high adventure and epic battles. I'm starting on volume 22 and the current volume is up to the sixties so I have a lot to read.

                          Behind the Scenes

This is a series that profiles the adventures of  a group of artistic college students. This is a new creator  for me so I'm excited to see how it develops.

                                  Library Wars

The last volume of this manga is about to be released and I'll be sad to see it go. This story is set in the future where libraries fight against banned books and challenged content. There is also a nice romance in the story.

                              Princess Jellyfish

I heard about this book at a comic book convention and I'm intrigued by it. Theis manga focuses on a house full of young woman who live together in a dormatoryhouse. All of the women are geeks or as the Japanese call themselves otaku. In the midst of these ladies secluded lives comes a georgeous young woman who turns their lives upside down.


I started this manga awhile ago and now I'm catching up on some volumes. This is a very adult manga about a group of people who are voted onto a island for their crimes. They then must fight amongst themselves until only one of them remains alive.

                                 A Silent Voice

I've heard great things about this series which deals with bullying.

Assassination Classroom

This is a quirky little manga about an alien that takes over a middle grade class of students that try to murder him every day.

                               Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Holmes is reincarniated as a dog in this cute manga, and he finds a young boy he is convinced is Watson.


This zombie manga is creppy yet very fascinating. A young boy who loves zombies  has a relationship with a young school girl turned zombie.


I've been meaning to catch up on this series for quite a long time.

I will be updating this post with my results! Happy Summer and happy Reading! 

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