Friday, July 8, 2016

Middle Grade Summer Review: Louise Trapeze by Ostow & Barrager

I discovered this cute series while browsing the shelves in my local library,and decided to add it to my Middle Grade Summer event.

Louise is living the life every little boy or girl who wanted to run away with the circus, would be envious of. She is a part of The Sweet Potato Traveling Circus Troupe.

She is on the cusp of turning seven and hopes that number will be a magic ticket that allows her to perform on the Trapeze with her family. However when Louise gets her wish she is astonished to find she is scared of heights. 

Louise tries to hide her fears but her best friend Stella and her parents soon discover the problem and lead Louise to the solution.

A perfect little book for independent readers. I loved spending an afternoon in Louise's world.

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