Saturday, July 9, 2016

Middle Grade Summer : Spy School & Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

What I love about reading middle grade novels as an adult is the ability to just relax into the narrative. Especially since I don't read the genre frequently.

I noticed Gibbs books at my local bookstore and decided to give these books a try. Spy School was up first and I really enjoyed it. This book moves into the plot super quick! 12 year old Ben Ripley comes home from school to find a CIA agent in his living room telling him he qualifies for entry into spy school.

Ben is whisked off immediately and crosses the threshold of the school in a hail of bullets. Everything at spy school is a test. So when Ben is attacked on his first night he thinks its part of the training, but it's not.

Soon Ben is on a quest to find out who is a mole in his school while staying out of a saboteurs sights.

Space Case has another male protagonist dealing with a mystery. Dashiell Gibson is living what many would think is a grand adventure. His family is stationed on Moon Alpha Base with his family and he is bored.

Because of his age Dashiell isn't allowed to do anything outside the habitat and so most  entertain himself with digital content and his families company. 

Until one night a member of their community is found dead and Dashiell doesn't believe it was an accident.

Do Dashiell begins an investigation with a young girl Kira and discovers a secret that will oust a murderer and change the future of Earth.

I loved reading these stories through a male protagonists eyes and also liked that both stories had great female characters who are a big factor in the main characters success. There also is some great racial diversity amongst the characters.

I'm looking forward to reading the Spy School sequels and hoe there is more from Space case in the future

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