Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Chills: Aliens vs Vampirella Volume 1 by Bechko & Various

I received a complimentary download of this graphic novel in exchange for a review.

I don't know what it is about summer but I love reading creepy books while relaxing at the pool or sipping a cool drink at a cafe. 

This graphic novel is perfect for that. When I saw the book initially  I thought it was a strange crossover but it works wonderfully! Vampirella wakes from cyro sleep to help a group of spacefarers solve a vampiric mystery. Instead they encounter a nest of face huggers and Aliens.

I loved this story! It was fun, scary and had a nice solid conclusion. I also liked how Vampirella was handled in the story. Though the covers show Vampirella in her signature outfit, she is dressed appropriately for the mission she is involved in. The art team does a terrific job illustrating the Aliens and the face huggers. This is a nice read for Aliens and Vampirella fans. 

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