Thursday, August 18, 2016

Review: Flubber by Judy Blume

I added Judy Blume to my summer reading list because I realized i hadn't read a lot of her books. Flubber was a tough but very important read. Our main character Jill is a normal middle grade girl who just happens to be a part of a gang of bullies. 

It's very subtle how the bullying escalated against the classroom target and the reader has a lot of conflicted feelings towards Jill. The ringleader of the group Wendy rules through intimidation. There isn't a lot of physical violence but tons of emotional abuse against the target Linda.

what Blume excels at in this novel is showing how easily bullying slips through with out any adults noticing. And the victims are too scared to talk. 

When Jill makes a decision free from the influence of Wendy and her cronies she finds the tables horribly turned. This book really tore me up in some places but I was so proud of Jill in the end. This is such an important book and classically timeless. I'm going to donate this book to my library in the hopes that the Jill's and Linda's in the world may find solace in it. 

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Nikki Amy said...

Oh, I haven't heard of this book! I always hear about Judy Blume though, and the couple of experiences I had with her writing weren't so great. I'm glad you liked it, though; it sounds like a very interesting read!