Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Iggie's House by Judy Blume

This summer I made a list of authors I wanted to read more  of and judy Blue topped the list. I ddin't know this book even existed before I found it in a used book store and I devoured it in a day.

In this book a young girl named Winnie watches herbest frien Iggie's house longingly. Iggie has moved to Japan and Winnie is anxious to see who is moving in.

When a family of color moves in Winnie is excited to see that there are three children. 

Winnie makes overatures to the Garber children with mixed results initially.

As the group moves closer to friendship, small minded neighbors start a campaign to get the Garbers to leave. Winnie is horrified as she realizes that her family and friends don't feel the same about the Garbers. 

A really important read, deftly handled by Blume.

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Nikki Amy said...

This book sounds both interesting and different! Glad to hear you liked it. :-)