Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review : Matilda by Roald Dahl

Maybe it's because I became a Science Fiction fan at a very young age but I some how missed reading Dahl. Very suprising since I love the Willy Wonka movie. So I added Dahl to my summer reading list and I picked Matilda because it is constantly described as one of his best books.

I felt connected to Matilda immediately. She is a brilliant young girl in a family that mostly ignores her. Matilda teaches herself to read and, then discovers her local library, and a librarian that changes her life. When it comes time to enter school  she attends a very stict local school called Crunchem Hall. It is there that Matilda meets another woman who transforms her life: Miss Honey. 

Under Miss Honey's tutulage she feels comfortable in her skin and finds a power to help those she has come to at school. Her biggest challenge is Miss Trunchbull the owner of the school.

Matilda has a bit of a bite to her personality. She comes up with elobarate pranks to punish those who she feels deserve it like her Father who is a shady  car salesman.

 I loved this story. The illustrations were lovely and are integral to the story. I'm so excited to read more of Dahl's books

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