Thursday, September 1, 2016

How A Hufflepuff Prepares For A New Term

It's September 1'st ! Which means its #BackToHogwarts time. So what does a Huffle puff do to prepare for the big day?

Eat A Good Breakfast

I recently had breakfast at the Three Broomsticks at Harry Potter World here in California and it was so yummy! I wasn't brave enough to try the British Breakfast ( Blood Pudding ??!), but the Amerian brekfast was sooo yummy. 

Also Tea in this lovely mug from the park is a must have.

Showcase New School Goodies : Hufflepuff Style

Eco friendly journals, a new yellow sweater, purse and wand! 

Required Reading 

I'm in the midst of a HP reread  and have barely cracked the first 100 pages.

Also I'm trying to make summer las by diving into some summer romance stories.

Happy September!

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