Saturday, October 22, 2016

24 Hour Readathon Final Update

                                        Final Update!

I did well til about 10, then I fell asleep and read very little before giving in to sleep at about 1 am.Still I read 9 books. Not too bad.

It's here!! I've got the day off and a stack of books to read! My goal is at least 8 books! Follow me on @yogikai for my updates.
It's HERE!!! Time to read! I have the whole day off and the cupboards are stocked!
I'm going to do things a little different in my updates this year and do an actual TIMELINE. Lets Go!!
5:04 AM Started Reading  GN Grayson
6:20 AM (1 hour 15 mins reading) Did the Kick off survey and went to starbucks drive thru in my jammies!
6:40 AM  Started Manga Attack on Titan 19
7:35 AM( 55 mins reading)  did the six words challenge and Bookish other half challenge
7:50 AM Started The Poet's Dog
9:00 Am Finished The Poets dog  started When Santa That Fell To Earth (1 hour 10 mins reading)
9:05 - 10:05 Finished When Santa Fell To Earth (1hr reading) completed snack mini-chalenge.
10:05- 11 break
11-2:30 (3 and 1 half hours Reading) completed  Dead Boyfriend, The Poet's Dog, BFG, Tolien's Kullervo

3:30  4:00 Break
4:30-5:30 (1 hour reading)

6:30 -9:30  (3 hour reading) Completed The Pearl

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