Thursday, October 6, 2016

Read Sherlock: Thoughts on A Study In Scarlet

A Study In Scarlet

Like most of the Sherlock Holmes stories, I saw a television version of this before actually reading the story. 

I did see the Sherlock version A Study In Pink .  Of course  I'd forgotten most of the story! What struck me most about this story was how amicable Holmes was towards Watson. There was a tradition in the older adaptions to make Watson a bit of a bumbler which is strange since all the stories are told through his eyes.

Holmes has many of the quirks he is beloved for in this story but he also has a tolerance that I found lacking in Watson. Maybe it's because Watson is a soldier and has a very British state of mind for the times. He is very put off by Holmes dirty street urchin information ring,  and he also makes some despairing remarks about "Arabs" and Foreigners.

Overall though this is a great origin story and I loved the friendship between the two.

I was fascinated by the detour the story took to the United States and a Mormon community and found it very satisfying. 

I'm looking forward to the next story!

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