Monday, October 3, 2016

Reading The Galaxy: I Am A Princess

Star Wars Reads Day is happening later this month and I'm looking forward to seeing what events  will be happening at my local bookstores and libraries. To celebrate I will be doing some reviews of my favorite books and stories that have been released since the Disney takeover of the Star Wars franchise.

Besides the Little Golden Books that recap the Star Wars movies, there is also the I Am series and my favorite so far has been this one.

Leia is the star of this volume as the author shares the character traits that define a hero and a princess : protecting, taking charge, havin adventurous spirit, caring and helping.

I also loved the work Heather Martinez did with the art in this volume. Leia looks capable, fierce and beautiful. I also liked that they decided to opt out on using the famous metal bikini.
This book made a vintage fan like me a bit sappy! With a few nods to Padme, this book is a celebration of one of the most iconic characters in Science Fiction and it's obvious the creators love her!

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