Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Star Wars Reads: DK Essentials

Since I first picked up this from DK Books:

I realized what a tremendous resource the DK line of books are to Star Wars fans. The Clone Wars guide is full of behind the scenes information about the show, and shows readers the chronological order of the show and facts about the cast.

Here are some other great Star Wars books that essential to Star Wars fans bookshelf's!

Ultimate Star Wars is a gorgeously illustrated large format that is perfect for gift giving or for your coffee table. An amazing group of writers cover a variety of topics and characters including Tricia Barr of Fangirl Blog

This visual guide is  a must buy companion for fans of The Force Awakens. Gorgeous pictures and informative text make this book a compelling read and collectible.

This book has recently been updated to include locations from The Force Awakens. I love the hardcover format of this book and the amazing pictures.

This book was reeled before The Force Awakens last year and it continues to delight me! This is a fun breakdown of story lines and characters from the prequels, The Clone Wars and a few entries from The Force Awakens.

These are just a few of the amazing books DK has published in the Star Wars universe with many more to be expected as we head towards Rogue One!

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