Monday, November 7, 2016

SCI FI Month Spotlight: Regular Show In Space

I've enjoyed the Regular show for all of it's previous seven seasons. Though I was sad to hear the show would be ending after this 8th season, the show is going out like a rocket!

For It's eight season the group of park workers find their park covered in a dome and shot into space! The group learns that they have been chosen for special training at The Space Tree and then will be sent as a group on explorations through space. 

Mordecai and Rigby find this super cool and it isn't long before they are having their trademark wacky adventures in space.  

From trash stealing Robots, to giant plant creatures the pair get into hilarious adventures as they contemplate the shift in their lives and their future. 

I'm moving through these slowly because I want to savor them! You can find these episodes on demand on Cartoon Network or you can download the Cartoon network app, sign in with your cable provider and binge watch them!!

I'm going to miss this show! Hope you give it a try!

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I have not watched any episode from this show. It does sound interesting.