Saturday, December 3, 2016

12 Days- Holiday Staycation

My holiday traditions have changed a lot since I moved over 3,0000 miles from my family, the biggest being my Holiday celebrations. After a few disastrous trips home during Thanksgiving and Christmas due to travel delays, bad weather and stress to my finances.
It didn't help matters that because I don't have a family of my own the expectation always fell on me to be the one to come. 
I love my family but being self- employed in a field that has the potential to be slower during the Holidays I made the decision skip Holiday travel. 
It's been a wonderful thing! Though I do miss my family, I am so less stressed during the season.
If you find yourself separated from your family during the Holiday's here are dome tips for a Holiday staycation.

                                         Holiday List

What ever you love about the season : carols, movies, shopping watching holiday lights etc, schedule them! 
Don't feel intimidate by going to things by yourself, there are always opportunities to meet friends in lines or while walking around.
                                 Give From The Heart

Use your extra time to make homemade gifts or cookies. Pick a time of day when you can walk around shops when they aren't crowded.
                                              Self Care

Hit up groupon and get some low cost massage, facials and yoga class deals. you will be in fine shape for the new year!

Clean out your closets and donate clothes and other goods too needed charities. Go to a soup kitchen or even a shelter. see if your local hospital needs any help spreading some Holiday Cheer.
And finally REST!! Read a bunch a books, binge watch some shows, take hot baths. Enjoy your respite and plan a nice trip to see your family in the spring.
                                        Happy Holidays!

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