Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday's Pod: You Must Remember This

Podcasts have been a life changer for me. Literally! Especially in my fandom life. In Thursday's Pod I will spotlight some of my favorite podcasts and also make sure I send them emails, tweets and post Itunes Reviews.

I discovered  You Must Remember This  from the hosts of another podcast, The Girls In The Back Row which I will be profiling soon. This Podcast is hosted by Katrina Longworth, and focuses on stories "exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century".

This podcast is in the storytelling format meaning Katrina does a tremendous amount of research and shares her research in an entertaining and thrilling way.
I first listened to her series on the history of the Hollywood Blacklist which was so informative. I've also listened to the series on Joan Crawford and recently an exploration of the Charles Manson killings.  Katrinia has a marvelous voice, she has a great way of creating the right atmosphere for the stories she tells.
I'm having a wonderful time listening to all the previous episodes of this podcast and I'm excited for what comes next for them in 2017!

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