Tuesday, January 31, 2017

BGN Movie Draft 2017

This is such a fun idea! I'm a contributor to Black Girl Nerds so I won't be entering the contest part of this draft ( there are some great prizes so visit the link!).

The goal of this draft is to pick the ten films that you think will have he greatest box office numbers, compare with others lists and possible brag about your victory! I thought long and hard about the order of my list, which can bring you to distraction, or you can just wing it! So here are my picks!


Just look at how The Force Awakens broke the Box office. This will do the same.


The world needs this movie right now. I already have plans to see it at least twice!


How adorable is Tom Holland? !  I think this will be one of summers biggest hits.



Wonder Woman

Despicable Me 3


Thor Ragnarok





This might be a long shot but I think this version of the Mummy has a shot at a good box office return:

So let me know what you guys think will be a hit this season!

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