Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Different Shade of Fantasy: From Under Mountains Vol. 1

Fantasy is  a genre that is much beloved by me but one that rarely has a diverse slant to it. So when I saw the cover of this graphic novel, I brought this book just because of the cover.

The story inside proved to be a lushly illustrated tale with magic, vengeance and a young woman trying to rule a kingdom while in mourning for her murdered brother.

A young thief witnesses a murder that will affect the kingdom of Akhara. Lady Elena finds that her father is truly lost in the grief of the losing his son, must find a way to attend a negotional with creatures on the border of her kingdom.

I'm fully invested in this story! Claire Gibson and Marian Churchland have crafted a taut story.  The characters are wonderfully complex and it's a joy to see such a diverse cast.  Sloane Leong's art and colors are warm and vibrant. She sets the tone of the story with the colors of the sky and the expressions on the characters faces. She also makes beautiful use of shadows and firelight. 

I felt myself surrounded by the world of Akhara, a welcome visitor on the frontlines of a magnificant adventure.

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