Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Voice Of The Empire by Lafferty & Chan

Star Wars Insider is a great source of news for Star Wars fans, and also a place to read original fiction. Since the new canon began under Disney there has been some wonderful diversity added to the universe along, with some engaging interconnected stories.

Voice Of The Empire is a story that ties into the events in the novel Catalyst and has a cameo with a character from Rogue One:  Krennick. What drew me to pick up this issue however was the stunning art from Jason Chan of Calliope, that was released online.

Calliope Drouth comes to her job at the Holo Net News to find her boss is retiring and she is being put forward at HNN as The  voice of the Empire. This job basically means Calliope does Imperial controlled puff pieces about fashion and parties.

However a strange little droid left to her by her boss holds an opportunity for Calliope to do so much more than propaganda pieces.

I really loved this story. Not only because the main character is diverse, but also because it focuses on one citizen choosing resistance despite overwhelming odds.

This story is available in Star Wars insider number 170 which you can find on newstands and digitally on amazon, Barnes and Noble and possibly your local library.

Hope you check it out.

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