Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Road To Celebration: Social Media Essentials

Star Wars Celebration Orlando is in 35 Days! Cue fangirl flailing and panicky prepping! I'm very fortunate to be attending this celebration as Press on behalf of Black Girl Nerds, with two other site contributors.

Social Media has been  game changer in regards to how I approach conventions. Not only can you catch behind the scenes looks at the convention through the feeds of celebrities and organizers, but you can also find tips on booth offerings, off site special events, and more. So here is a list of some essential Twitter and Facebook sites you can visit to improve your con experience or live vicariously through:

Star Wars Celebration  This is the official Twitter of the convention, this site will share schedule changes and pictures of various events.

Star Wars Official Twitter of Star This site will have tons of photos, interviews and behind the scenes content.

Randy Martinez  Randy is part of this years art show, follow his twitter for the big reveal of his art for the 2017 show and other goings on in Artist Alley.

Amy Ratcliffe  Amy is hosting a stage at Celebration Orlando, so follow her for behind the scenes looks at various panels and general convention fun. I always find her feed entertaining and educational, she is one of the first Star Wars ladies i discovered online and one of my favorites.

David W. Collins  I discovered David through the podcast Star Wars Oxygen. I also attended a live version of the show at Celebration Anaheim along with his wonderful audio show Smugglers Bounty. I hope he can take time from his stage hosting duties to do these panels again.

Vanessa Marshall Talented voice actress on Star Wars Rebels, Vanessa is also appearing at the convention and hosting at the after hours special event Galactic Nights at Walt Disney World. I'm so looking forward to seeing her.

Andi Gutierrez Andi is one of the hosts of the popular Star Wars show. She will also be hosting events at Walt Disney World's Galactic Nights.

Press/Fan Accounts

The Star Wars Twitter community is amazing ! I've met so many real and virtual friends because of it, many of them I will be meeting at Celebration. Many of them are also covering the convention as press, so they will have some wonderful news to share:

Yakface This site always has the latest info on Star Wars collectibles and toys, I'm looking forward to seeing their pics.

Skywalking Through Neverland  I'm a huge fan of Richard and Sarah. They have built such a wonderful fan community that I'm proud to belong to. I will be joining them on some fun excursions, and look for it to be documented across all their social media platforms.

Fangirl Cantina  Tricia Barr is a Star Wars author as well as the owner of Fangirl Cantina and co- host on Fangirls Going Rogue. She will have some marvelous content to share.

Fangirls Going Rogue  I love these ladies! Also take a look at their instagram which consistently has great fangirl content. I'm looking forward to meeting them at Celebration.

Me! I will be posting tons of pictures on my twitter @yogikai here on my blog and with two other contributors at Black Girl Nerds

Facebook Groups

SWCO Swag  Celebrations are known for amazing swag. This group not only creates swag to share amongst themselves but also info on swag opportunities at the con.

Flying Solo At Star Wars Celebration  Because of the advance planning a con like Celebration comes. I usually attend them alone. This year however between the friends I met at Celebration Anaheim and this group I will have tons of new people to meet and share the con with.

If you are attending celebration leave me a tweet or comment! I will have some great swag to share that I will be revealing at Black Girl Nerds.

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