Wednesday, April 5, 2017

America issue 1 by Rivera and Quinones

Like any other Marvel character starting her own series, America Chavez is at a crossroads  of sorts. America has decided to leave the superhero world, though the opening pages of this story show that she is going out strong with some timely saves and powerful fights.

She then has some well deserved alone time with her girflfriend Lisa who gives America some unwelcome news, she isn't relocating with her.

America is devestated by this but then she recovers quickly at SotoMayor University, a virtural paradise for students with powers, STEM tendencies and the ability to master a class with time traveling homework.

The issue ends with America in a iconic location with a guy named Steve.

America is  visual joy. The art is gorgeous and there is a fun crispness to it.

I found the story a little less enjoyable. Though some set up is to be expected in a new series, I didnt get a sense of who America was in this issue. She's basically perfect, and identifies as Queer which is great for representation, but the way they ended her relationship so she could start college was very abrupt. 

Overall this issue was very well done and I look forward to reading the next issues.


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