Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Other Boy by M.G. Hennssey

This is the story A young boy who has a great life. He easily  balances, friends, school, baseball, and a possible budding romance with the girl of his dreams.

Yet there is more to Shane's story and when a jealous bully finds out a secret about Shane's past it has the potential to destroy his future. 

This book is an exploration of what hurdles  young transgender teens face everyday. From Shane's Father's inability to accept a treatment that will prevent Shane from developing into a woman, to the challenges of gender and relationships. 

I really loved that the author had Shane so clearly knowing he was a boy. It's something Shane has felt from early childhood and he has the gift of a Mother willing to let him take that journey. 

The book does choose to limit the severity of repercussions that trans children face, but only  so the narrative can focus on Shane's emotional landscape.

A beautiful read with a great message.

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