Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Star Wars Memories: Splinter Of The Mind's Eye

In 1978 another milestone occur ed in the Star Wars universe. Alan Dean Foster penned an original adventure set after the events of Star Wars : A New Hope.
Luke Skywalker accompanies Princess Leia on a mission for the Rebel Alliance. The two however are sidetracked and end up on the swamp planet Mimban. 
Here the pair encounter a strange crystal called the Kaiburr that magnifies ones use of the Force.
The lure of this crystal brings a dark force to the planet and a showdown between light and dark.
I picked up the above version of the book at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, where I was fortunate enough to get it signed by Alan.
It was so fascinating reading this book again after so many years.  There are a lot of liberties taken with the narrative language and personality of Luke & Leia, considering what was to come in episodes V and VI. I was really intrigued by the Force powers Foster had the characters  display along with the description of the Kaiburr crystal. This book really kicked of my love of Star Wars novels .

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