Saturday, August 5, 2017

Iggle August !

Thanks to the lovelies at IGGPPC  summer camp I've been an adult camper for the last to years! The camp sorter has spoken and here is my troop assignment:

Your troop assignment is...

Troop Chimera is the all-inclusive resort of troops. Our mascot covers everything from our counselors’ love of Greek mythology to their love of Star Wars, and will embrace your geeky loves (& selves) with open arms too! Representing some of the toughest (Percy Jackson) and some of the most cunning (Grand Admiral Thrawn) geeky heroes we know, Troop Chimera is ready to tackle any shenanigans the 4th year of camp can throw our way with style!

I'm so excited for all the camp activities! I will also be doing the Iggle  self care activities for August:

It's not to late to join in the camp activities! Visit the link above to learn more.

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